Indispensable contributors to the Platinum Academy’s website.

This website would not have been possible to produce without access to graphic materials from Landskrona Museum. Here, Reklamarkivet – the Swedish archive of advertising and graphic design – curates a unique historical collection of Swedish advertising materials, including over 100,000 items dating from the mid-20th century to the present day. The collection ranges from sketches and finished productions to interviews to tools of the trade. It includes advertisements, posters, commercials, radio spots and graphic design in the form of packaging, brochures, books, etc. The collection is constantly growing through donations from both individual professionals and agencies, as well as contributions from the annual Golden Egg Gala presented by Komm. The collection is in the process of being digitized.

Nine editors, all of them copywriters previously elected to the Academy, wrote the presentations of the members and suggested visual materials to be included. Every presentation is signed by its editor. The work presented on the website is almost exclusively from the period prior to the member’s receiving the Platinum Egg. This helps to show more clearly why they received the award in the first place. Editors: Anna Qvennerstedt, Björn Engström, Lars Forsberg (editor in chief), Magnus Jakobsson, Linus Karlsson, Carl Lewenhaupt, Jacob Nelson, Filip Nilsson, Göran Åkestam.

Financial support for the website was provided in cooperation with JCDecaux.

The Platinum Academy was able to complete the work thanks to the generous support of John Melins forskningsstiftelse.

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