The Platinum Egg 2017: Jesper Kouthoofd.

Jesper was born in 1970 in Mölnlycke, just outside Gothenburg. After two years in the advertising & decoration course at Schillerska Gymnasium, he moved to Stockholm and began studying art direction at Berghs. Following his studies, he went to work with Paul Malmström and Linus Karlsson at the Paradiset agency. The agency was enjoying spectacular successes at the time.... Several years later, Jesper was one of the founders of the creative collective Acne and helped design those jeans everybody wanted to have, and the rest is history. Being the genuinely curious and creative soul he is, however, he ultimately ended up quitting and going his own way. Again. In 2005, he founded Teenage Engineering, a company entirely devoted to being at the leading edge of synthesizers and other sound-related products. All the fantastic advertising he helped create can be viewed as merely a brilliant side gig in the context, the classic “Ipren man” being one example among many.