The Platinum Egg 2012: Linus Karlsson.

Born in Farsta, 1968. He took an economics course at secondary school and followed up with two years in Bergh’s copywriting programme. At night, he was sorting letters at the post office. Linus laid the ground for his future career at the Paradiset agency. Jobs for Norrlands Guld, Diesel and OLW found their way into the hearts and souls of Swedes one after the other, but ultimately, Sweden was too small for Linus.... Along with his constant collaborator Paul Malmström, he moved to Minnesota, joining the legendary Fallon agency. There they worked with major American clients like Miller Beer and Lee. Their efforts at the agency were a success and the duo quickly became known as “The Swedes” in the American advertising industry. Several years later, they were given the job of establishing the English agency Mother’s New York office. Eventually he left the agency world, moving on to IKEA.


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