The Platinum Egg 2012: Paul Malmström.

After completing a tech programme in secondary school, he was accepted to the design and illustration course at Berghs advertising school. In his spare time, he loaded bananas in Stockholm’s Värtahamnen port. Paul is more or less exactly 50% of the creative team of “Paul and Linus”, which upon joining the Paradiset agency more or less immediately created much of the advertising the agency became world-famous for.... Eager to explore a slightly bigger world than Sweden, they then moved to the USA. More specifically, to the legendary Fallon agency in Minnesota. They had barely touched their feet to the ground when they found themselves in a major pitch for Miller Beer. Together they landed one of America’s biggest accounts, becoming known throughout the US as “The Swedes” thereafter. Several years later they were offered the opportunity to start the English agency Mother’s New York branch – which became a significant challenger on the US advertising market.


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